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monogram sample 9sSouthernProperMonograms.com is an extension of Mark It With a B, LLC  located in the heart of the deep South.  Our company was established in 1996 to offer monogrammed acrylic and gifts through home show markets.

Over the past 17 years, we have searched for, developed and produced new products to offer unique, personalized gifts at the best possible prices.  As part of this journey, we created the original wooden monogram in 2006.  Our home show customers loved them and so did the readers of Southern Living!  In 2010, we were thrilled to be featured in the December issue of Southern Living and our website SouthernProperMonograms.com was born.

Since then, we have also appeared in Southern Weddings magazine, Holly Mathis Interiors blog, and had other kind mentions on blogs and Pinterest.  In December 2011, we were also featured on NBC’s Today Show and we have been bragging about it ever since!

In the South, a monogrammed gift is a measure of love just like home cooking for friends and family. When you take the time to mark a gift, it makes it profoundly personal.  Whether your monogram will be used in your home or a special occasion, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them. We are proud to offer these monograms for Southern girls everywhere.



Shannon Lee Britton

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